Up dated pictures of our current breeding AKK can be seen at                                             www.pbase.com/sibridge 


                                   Our Girls

Avalonia's The Color Purple - (Whoopie)-BBEE

Skyline Sibridge Music City Qn-(City)-BbEE

Angel's Terra V Cruiser -(Terra)-BBEE

Sibridge's Harley Girl-(Harley)-BBEE                                                                                                                                           Sibridge's Tennessee Legacy (Tina) BBEE                                                                                                                                    Sibridge's Kissed By An Angel (Josie) BbEE                                        Sibridge's Lil Red Reba (Reba) bbEE                                          

                                    Our Boys 

 Wieblhuskys Davidson Sibridge-(Davey)-bbEE                                  Sibridge's Dakota Traveler-(Traveler)-BbEE                                   Amernerks' MacKoaly Of Sibridge-(Koaly)-BBEE                               Alasco's Karak- (Roc)-BBEE 


          All Sibridge AKK are Factor 7 Normal

Pedigrees can be found on the AKK DataBase

All Sibridge AKK & puppies are registered with the United Kennel Club. Sibridge is also in good standing with Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America. 

When Our Dogs Retire From Breeding They Stay Here With Mom .



Sibridge's I'm a Maky II (Chubbs)

Sibridge's Black Beauty (Beauty)

Sibridge's Twilights Gleam(Gleam)

Sibridge's Spangled Banner(Speck)  Sibridge's Gallantly Streaming      

Sibridge's Dawn's Early Lite 


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